Why Choose A Career In The Silicon Valley?

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September 22, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Why Choose A Career In The Silicon Valley?

The Institute for Business and Technology is located in The Silicon Valley, which is home to tech giants Facebook, Apple and Google. The Silicon Valley is the heart of high-tech innovation and development and one third of the nation’s venture capital investment happens here.


The Silicon Valley is most famous for information technology, and startup companies, but that’s not all that can be accomplished in the Bay Area! Alternatives to employment in the tech industry can be found on campuses like our own. Career colleges in the Silicon Valley prepare people for a range of careers, so you can live in the midst of the tech boom without a tech career!


So Why Choose a Career College in the Silicon Valley?


  1. Career schools focus on hands-on learning and career readiness. If engineering, programming, and statistics are not your thing, but the South Bay is totally your thing, consider training at a career college.
  2. Keep in mind the tech boom necessarily mandates a boom in other industries. For example, an explosion in new office buildings requires more HVAC technicians to service those buildings. A population boom means more hospitals, which results in employment growth in other sectors like phlebotomy, and medical assisting.
  3. While the tech boom thrives, there are some jobs that cannot be technologized. For instance, massage therapists cannot be replaced by computers, but individuals who work on computers all day may require more appointments with their massage therapists!


If you’re looking for colleges in the Silicon Valley to pursue a rewarding career path, consider trade schools like ours! At IBT we prepare students for careers as electricians, HVAC/R techs, lab assistants, EKG technicians, phlebotomists, medical assistants, medical biller/coders, office assistants, and massage therapists.


Call IBT today to discover all of the Silicon Valley’s career possibilities.

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