Ultrasound Technician Schools in San Jose, CA For A Better Career

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April 21, 2016
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April 29, 2016
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Ultrasound Technician Schools in San Jose, CA For A Better Career

Ultrasound Technician Schools in San Jose, CA For A Better Career

Ultrasound is used for many purposes today. The discovery of ultrasound itself has led to numerous other discoveries. Ultrasound is used in almost all the fields from human’s body parts to the discovery of universe outside the earth. San Jose Ultrasound technician schools make the sonographers expert in their field. A person in medical field who is expert in sonography can mix up this technology in treating a patient. A sonographer is also known as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is responsible in making patient’s diagnosis with the use of sound waves from a special ultrasound machine. Ultrasound technician career is an ideal profession these days as it has so much of demand in hospitals, clinics and diagnostics laboratories. The responsibilities of a sonographer include:

• Working with a physician in the diagnosis of the patient’s disease.
• To provide the clearest image taken from either the internal organs or tissues for the final
Reading, calculating values and rendering initial/preliminary diagnosis of the patient’s disease
• Keeping records of patients.
• Maintaining the ultrasound equipment.
• Managing ultrasound imaging department.

To become a sonographer, a person should have a background in algebra, natural sciences and basic physics. Usually ultrasound technician training in San Jose has aduration of two years. There is also a four-year degree ultrasound technician school in San Jose which will offer more stability when it comes to employment after school. Typical coursework is composed of patient care, anatomy, medical ethics, physiology and medical ethics.

Ultrasound technician schools in San Jose offer many fields of specialty in sonography. The following are the main branches:

• Obstetric and gynecologic sonography: This is the most common field everyone is aware of. Ultrasound is used to examine the reproductive system of female’s body. The image can help the physician to identify what specific illness is associated with the female’s reproductive system. Also the fetus is visualized and seen if she is expecting. It can further be used to see if there is any abnormality for that child.

• Abdominal sonography: This field examines abnormalities in a person’s abdomen. The organs of inspection in abdomen include liver, kidney, bile duct, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas and the reproductive system of males.

• Neurosonography: It involves the ultrasound of nervous system and brain. The frequency and beam that is used here is different from that used in gynecologic sonography.

• Breast sonography: It diagnoses breast diseases from ultrasound. It finds out the tumors and blood conditions in the breast. It also helps to detect breast cancer. Transducers of high frequency are used to detect it.

The work schedule for an ultrasound technician in San Jose is forty hours per week. The skills of a diagnostic medical sonographer involve explaining the procedure, securing written consent, keeping the record, positioning of the patient, applying gel on the patient’s body part and setting the tools. Getting a career through an ultrasound technician school in San Jose, CA is a wise decision since it only requires a short period of time for studying unlike other medical courses which requires student to spend at least four years in college.

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