Ultrasound Technician Salary in San Jose CA

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April 16, 2016
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Ultrasound Technician Salary in San Jose, CA

Average Ultrasound Tech Salary

Source: indeed.com

Ultrasound technicians enjoy a fast paced work environment, high pay, and great benefits. The ultrasound technician salary can depend on several different factors, and this article takes a look at all the different possibilities open to an ultrasound technician.

Every technical career is subject to a wide range of influencing factors that affect the salary of that position. Factors aside however, the average ultrasound technician salary is a little over $57,000 plus benefits. Some of the factors that are going to change that number are of course your level of education, the amount of experience you have on the job site, and your place of employment.

There are two types of degrees available to ultrasound technicians: Bachelor’s and Associate’s. An Associate’s degree is usually given after successful completion of a two year Associate’s course. To get a Bachelor’s degree, you will have to go to school for at least another year and your classwork will include more intricate details of the profession. The upside of this is that with a Bachelor’s degree you’ll be able to start earning a higher ultrasound technician salary right from the beginning.

The upper salary limit for an ultrasound technician is around $78,000. This is given to technicians with a Bachelor’s degree and several years of on-site experience. As a newcomer in the field, you would probably be looking at closer to $45,000, which is still a respectable entry level salary compared to other career types. The biggest benefit of being an ultrasound technician is that there is no limit to how high you can go.

As of 2008 there were around 50,000 people who worked as ultrasound technicians in the country. The good news is that the number of jobs in the field is expected to continue to grow, and predictions are that by 2018 there will be another 9,000 jobs available in the field. Because of this, along with the fact that the ultrasound tech salary is above average, becoming an ultrasound technician makes an ideal career field choice.

Ultrasound Technologist Salary

If you have been considering the field, one of the most important questions you may have is how much does an ultrasound tech make? Fair enough. You need to make sure that with any career field you choose that you will make a decent salary; one that will at least let you pay your bills. Rest assured, the ultrasound technologist salary is one that should give you some piece of mind.

Here are some facts about ultrasound technician salaries:

In 2006, the ultrasound tech, or diagnostic medical sonographer, career choice made CNN’s list of top paying jobs that you can get with an associate’s degree, which is a two year degree. Because of the pay scale for ultrasound tech positions is above average, it came in at number 8 on the list.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for ultrasound tech positions is almost $62,000 per year, and that was in 2008. The 50 percent of people that fell in the middle earned an ultrasound tech salary of just over $52,000 and up to almost $74,000 per year.

There is a lot of room for earning a higher ultrasound tech salary. The top 10 percent in the field earn an ultrasound technologist salary of nearly $84,000 per year.

There are a number of things that will impact the average wage for ultrasound tech positions, including geographic location, years of experience, and the training you had in order to enter the field.

You may also find that there are higher ultrasound technician salaries in hospitals, as compared to those working in physician’s offices.

Boosting the Ultrasound Technician Salaries

Perhaps in addition to the question of how much does an ultrasound technician make is how much room for advancing up the pay scale there is. And the good news on this is there is a lot of room for advancement in terms of salary. While those that are just getting started in the field may earn around $44,000 on average, with experience they can expect to reach an average wage of around $62,000 annually.

There are some things that one can do to try to ensure that they will find themselves at the top of the pay scale for ultrasound tech positions. Here are some ways you can try to boost your salary:

For starters, you will want to pay attention to where you get your training to enter the field. While there are multiple ways to enter the field, including everything from on the job training to certificate programs and degrees, your training can have an impact on your salary, especially when you first start. You will want to check out multiple programs and find one that is accredited and will provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to perform the position.

Another way you can help boost your average wage for ultrasound tech positions is specialize. If you specialize in something like mammography, gynecology, or one of the other areas, you will become more of an expert in that area and should be able to earn more as result.

If you are willing to relocate, you will have a better opportunity for increasing your salary. The ultrasound tech salary in urban areas and major cities is likely to pay more than in smaller cities. However, you have to keep in mind that you will also likely incur higher expenses living in urban areas, so it may end up not being worth making the move.

Getting Started

As you read this article, it is difficult to think that making the above average ultrasound tech salary is in reach. But the truth of the matter is that if you get started in your ultrasound tech training now, you will be entering that pay scale one to two years from now. Within a few short years, you will be making a good wage, having access to a healthy job bank, and enjoying a career that you that love. Before you know it, you will be climbing up that pay scale and earning the average wage for ultrasound tech positions!

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